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States Need to Start Expunging Criminal Records and Stop Restricting Landlords

If cities around the country want to improve affordability indices as well as curb homelessness, why not try following their own procedures by expunging criminal records.

Cities and courts around the country do not have resources available to automatically expunge eligible criminal records. Therefor, if a person wants their record removed they have to either go through a lengthy filing procedure or a costly process […]

99 Percent of People Who Purchase Firearms Pass FBI Background Checks

That is right. Criminal history, drug use and mental illness are red flags that can prompt the FBI to reject an applicant for a gun purchase. the problem? Ninety nine percent of the time, it never happens.

CNN reported yesterday, the Brady Campaign, a leading gun control group, gave 26 states and F grade in its 2013 score card with Florida being one of those states, and […]

Negligent Hiring Claims Top $50 million


A recent Western Reporting Inc. Employment Screening Benchmark Report released today indicated that Negligent Hiring Claims in the U.S. topped over the $50 million mark with the average lawsuit settlement at nearly $1.5 million.

Examples of suits in which an employer could be sued  for negligent hiring is alarming. A trucker with a history of driving under the influence drives drunk and kills a pedestrian. A soccer […]

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