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As a property manager or landlord,  you know that your profits depend on the quality & longevity of your tenants. The landlords and communities that use Western Reporting for tenant screening report the highest rates of retention and the lowest rates of turnover in their respective markets!


iStock_000019611747_Double (2)Not happy with your current background checks?

Have you experienced any of the following?

False Positives
Missed Criminal History or Eviction History
Reports were too Expensive
Waiting too Long to get your Results
Bad Customer Service

Western Reporting understands that the liability of accepting a high risk tenant is huge. Eviction and legal fees can cost thousands of dollars, while property damage can be staggering.


Western Reporting Protects Your Investment

Western Reporting protects your investment from false positives and inaccurate information using our signature “Live-Agent Review Service”. Every report is reviewed and verified personally by a highly trained researcher.

For more information on how Western Reporting protects you or
to start a free trial please contact us at 1-800-466-1996.



Western Reporting offers you customizable report options, with prices starting as low as $15. The price depends on the type on information you want and how extensive you would like the check to be.

A good example of a background check would include:

Full Credit Report
MultiState Criminal Search
National Sex Offender Search
Social Security Number Verification
National Eviction Search
Tenant Scorecard


What do I need to know?

All Consumer Reports (background & credit checks) are regulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This set of federal rules & regulations mandates what type of information is required before Western Reporting can provide you with a consumer report.


How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to speak with a representative at Western Reporting. We can help you identify your needs, identify federal regulations that you need to follow and help you fill out the required paperwork as simply as possible.

Once a completed New Client Application has been returned to Western Reporting, our Compliance Department will review your information to make sure everything is correct. At this point, it can take up to 24-48 hours to establish your account.


Services Available

Credit Report
MultiState Criminal Search
National Sex Offender
Social Security Number Verification
Tenant Scorecard
Nationwide Eviction Records
Residential Verification
Employment Verification
Personal References
Free Property Management Software
Online Rental Payments
Custom Online Applications
Tenant Scorecard
Applicant Tracking
Lease Generation Software
AKA Searches
County Searches
Cullimore Pre-Eviction Search
Instant Rental Info- Custom Yard Signs
Renters Insurance

Software Integration

 Integrated with over 100 different Property Management & Applicant Tracking Softwares!


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