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24 05, 2018

Jury Awards $1 Billion in Negligent Hiring of Apartment Security Guard

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In a landmark case today, a jury put on notice companies that are negligent in hiring by awarding a young rape victim a record $1 Billion.

In 2012, 14 year old Hope Cheston of Clayton County, Ga. was sexually assaulted by an armed security guard at an apartment complex near Atlanta while visiting a friend, according to court […]

23 06, 2017

Protect Your Kids by Demanding Background Checks

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Demanding background checks on people who teach or coach kids may, on the surface, seem uncomfortable, but the results of no action could be disastrous.

Most religious and youth sports organizations conduct some type of background check on their volunteers, but sexual predators are skirting the system.

“It is not a matter of getting on the internet and […]

21 06, 2017

States Need to Start Expunging Criminal Records and Stop Restricting Landlords

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If cities around the country want to improve affordability indices as well as curb homelessness, why not try following their own procedures by expunging criminal records.

Cities and courts around the country do not have resources available to automatically expunge eligible criminal records. Therefor, if a person wants their record removed they have to either go through a lengthy filing […]

14 06, 2016

99 Percent of People Who Purchase Firearms Pass FBI Background Checks

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That is right. Criminal history, drug use and mental illness are red flags that can prompt the FBI to reject an applicant for a gun purchase. the problem? Ninety nine percent of the time, it never happens.

CNN reported yesterday, the Brady Campaign, a leading gun control group, gave 26 states and F grade in its 2013 score card with Florida being […]

23 05, 2016

HUD Charges Utah Company with Discrimination

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced last week that it has charged a Utah Property Management Company and owner(s) with violating the Fair Housing Act by refusing to allow a single mother and her son, who has disabilities, to keep an assistance animal and by using burdensome policies and forms for reasonable accommodation requests for […]

19 05, 2016

Are you a Criminal and Don’t Know it?

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It is absolutely possible. You could have a speeding ticket, dog at large or even illegal signage on your lawn, and have been determined a criminal by our judicial system. And what does that mean? Simply put, you may not qualify for a job, apartment or even military service. “One in five adults have a criminal record (misdemeanor or […]

13 05, 2016

New HUD Guidance On Criminal Records May put Landlords in a Bind

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Landlords who have a blanket ban on renting to people with criminal records could be charged with violating the federal Fair Housing Act, under guidance issued last month by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

That’s right, criminals now have become a protected class. A landlord who fails to screen prospective tenants for criminal records and rents to […]

26 01, 2015

Eviction Hopping is all the Rage!

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Eviction hopping is now a big deal.

Simply put: applicants for apartments and homes have figured out that records on an eviction is a civil action usually adjudicated in a smaller court. Usually, a justice court or even smaller can handle an eviction. Since it is not a criminal action, most courts do not supply adjudication information in a timely […]

14 11, 2014

Drug Offenses Changed to Misdemeanors Increase Liability of Instant Criminal Checks

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For the last several years, the Utah State Prison has become a revolving door for some non-violent inmates: They enter, serve their time, leave the prison walls and end up incarcerated once again after re-offending or violating their parole. Problem? Misdemeanors are seldom included on Instant Criminal Checks in the Tenant Screening Industry

The Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice […]

13 10, 2014

Davis School Bus Driver Arrested for Investigation of DUI

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DRAPER — A Davis County school bus driver transporting a total of 75 sixth graders and teachers on board was pulled over Monday and arrested for investigation of DUI.

According to Bryan Mower, president Western Reporting Services, stated that Ms. Martinez did not have any previous DUI arrests in the state of Utah. “The Davis school district is very fortunate […]