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 Employee Background Checks are absolutely vital if:

Your company is involved in technology, has proprietary information or deals with confidential documents.

You are hiring for a high-level position where the employee will have access to sensitive information or competitive data.

The position will have any involvement with financial records, accounts payable, receivables or payroll.

The employee will have access to corporate computer networks.

The position interfaces with the public.

You are hiring employees in the health care industry.

You are hiring employees who come in contact with children.





Western Reporting offers you customizable report options, with prices starting as low as $15. The price depends on the type on information you want and how extensive you would like the check to be.

A good example of a background check would include:

MultiState Criminal Search
National Sex Offender Search
OFAC – Specially Designated Nationals List
Social Security Number Verification
Previous Employment Verification


Optional Searches for Specialized Employment

Credit Report
DMV/MVR searches
Drug Screening – 5 or 10 panel
Education Verification
FACIS DATA Level 1 & 3
Personal References


What do I need to know?

All Consumer Reports (background & credit checks) are regulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This set of federal rules & regulations mandates what type of information is required before Western Reporting can provide you with a consumer report. Employers are also held responsible under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOC), a complex set of laws affected further by local, regional and state regulations. For further information or specific help in understanding these laws, contact Western Reporting and a live-agent will be happy to assist you.


Negligent Hiring Can Cost You!

The costs of hiring the wrong applicant have become enormous! Negligent hiring lawsuits are up 800% nationwide. Employee theft has been rising dramatically in recent years. The hidden costs of lost time and revenue in the hiring/training/turnover cycle continue to increase.

Let Western Reporting do your background screening

Verify Employment References
Keep your company FCRA compliant while preventing litigation.
Obtain a thorough background check providing you and your employees peace of mind.
Verify education, employment and personal references reducing resume fraud!
Your Company’s Reputation: You Are Who You Hire
The reasons for performing pre-employment background investigations extend far beyond the legalities and potential exposure a wrong employee can create.

Whether your company is large, small or any size in-between, it only takes one news making incident concerning an employee, or even an ex-employee, to do significant damage to your reputation. With the emergence of new case laws in many states, your hiring decisions, and even your referrals after an employee leaves, could expose your company to lawsuits and time in court that may ultimately lead to unsavory press coverage, further damaging your reputation. Keeping your company’s reputation in mind, employers need to be aware of two significant legal issues that are emerging with the potential to affect us all.

Doctrine of Negligent Hiring
Under the doctrine of negligent hiring, employers are being held liable for the criminal acts of their employees. Under the doctrine of negligent referral, they are being held liable for not revealing important information about former employees. In both cases, the pre-employment background investigation has evolved as the pivotal factor.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to speak with a representative at Western Reporting. We can help you identify your needs, identify federal regulations that you need to follow and help you fill out the required paperwork as simply as possible.

Once a completed New Client Application has been returned to Western Reporting, our Compliance Department will review your company information to make sure everything is compliant. This process will only take up to 24-48 hours to establish your account. Rush options are available for an additional fee.


               Services Available

Credit Report
MultiState Criminal Search
National Sex Offender
Social Security Number Verification
Employment Matrix
Employment Verification
Custom Online Applications
Applicant Tracking Integration
AKA Searches
County Searches
Business Credit Report
DMV/MVR search Drug Screening – 5 or 10 panel
Education Verification
FACIS DATA Level 1 & 3
Personal References



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