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(<100 Units)


( ≥ Units 300)



( ≥ Units 1000)

The type of background screening services needed varies greatly dependent on company structure, size, and ownership structure. Whether you are an Independent Rental Owner with 1 Unit or a Property Management Company with 25,000 units we have a solution to fit your needs.

Services Offered to All Clients:

Credit Report
MultiState Criminal Search
National Sex Offender
Social Security Number Verification
Tenant Scorecard
Nationwide Eviction Records
Residential Verification
Employment Verification
Personal References
Free Property Management Software

Online Rental Payments
Custom Online Applications
Tenant Scorecard
Applicant Tracking
Lease Generation Software
AKA Searches
County Searches
Cullimore Pre-Eviction Search
Instant Rental Info- Custom Yard Signs
Renters Insurance


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